Capturing Opportunities

We identify and validate new markets, we develop and improve the efficiency of the different marketing channels, we look for alliances that expand the capabilities of our clients, we support innovation processes, …

Active Partners Management

We contribute to find collaborative operating models among customers, suppliers and/or partners a reality, we implement governance systems and joint planning tools, we innovate so that the supply chain delivers further value, …

Strategic guidance

We define, validate, develop and follow the strategy of the organization, we generate processes of change, innovation and transformation, we align the organization with strategic guidelines, we seek and negotiate inorganic growth options, …


Why do we succeed at what we do?

At Sendas Value we have our own criteria. We perform rigorous analysis of situations to generate our own methodologies, based on our experience and the latest key academic knowledge. We adapt solutions to the needs of our clients, knowing that not all customers are the same, we adapt to the specific characteristics of each situation. We strongly believe that solutions must be structured in cooperation with the client and their teams.

What makes Sendas Value unique?

Passion for serving

We want to contribute to the mission of our clients; we want our clients to successfully advance towards their strategic vision; we are constantly reinventing ourselves to be able to offer innovative capabilities and methodologies; we commit ourselves to be useful to our clients and society, both today and in the future.

Customer proximity

We enhance the capabilities of the client; we structure ourselves to work in their offices; we share our analysis and together we propose solutions; we get involved in the challenges the client faces as if they were our own. The rationale is that the client and their teams can fully express themselves, so that working with Sendas Value, they can reach their full potential.

Team background

A team of partners with more than 20 years of experience each, advising globally both multinational companies and entrepreneurial projects in the most diverse sectors, complemented by an excellent team of consultants with diverse experience in management and with capabilities that complement each other.

Versatility capabilities

Quantitative analysis + Market studies + Coaching and Training + Tools in multiple programming languages + Negotiation support + Creativity when designing solutions + Change management communication strategies = We combine capabilities to ensure the implementation of fitting solutions.

Own methodologies

Each business case experienced has led us to the development of our own management methodologies and tools:: “Active Sales Force Management”, “Partner Governance Model”, “Strategic Alignment of Opportunities”, “Innovation through the Supply Chain”, “On-the-job training for change processes”, …

Practical approach

We simplify solutions so that they are implantable; we prioritize actions so that impact is sustainable and long-term; we structure our analysis so that it is transmittable. In short, we ensure that, together with the client, the solutions we believe should be executed are successfully implemented.

Our actions are guided by the value contribution we bring to our clients along with an ethical commitment to society and the world around us. We aim to transcend and influence through the solutions we propose and implement them together with our clients in order to make the world in which we live a little better. The challenges of our customers are ours and we contribute to solve them in the best possible way. This strong commitment guides our analysis, recommendations and actions.


Who makes it possible?

Sendas Value is headquartered in Barcelona and is composed of a team of three partners with extensive background in consulting and academia as well as a group of consultants in Spain and Latin America (Chile, Colombia, etc.).

Developed Projects




Years as a company


Countries where we have operated

Emilio Montes

Emilio Montes


Partner with more than 30 years of experience in consulting and management: Vice president of telecommunications, energy and capital goods at Mac Group/Gemini; vice president and general director of Spain and Portugal at Booz Allen & Hamilton; Industry and energy leader at Bain & Co.

Joan Roure

Joan Roure


Professor of Entrepreneurship and Negotiation at IESE Business School, Founder and Director of the Forum of Private Investors and Representatives of Family Offices of IESE. His areas of academic interest focus on: growth management and new ventures, negotiation and deal making, investment process and company governance.

Santiago Descarrega

Santiago Descarrega


Santiago is a founding Partner at Sendas Value and a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the development of growth plans and change management, relationship management with partners and associates, sales transformation and new market entry strategies. Santiago has worked at industrial, transportation, energy and consumer goods companies across Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


Materials we have developed and would like to share

Desarrollo del Contract Management como vía para asegurar resultados sostenibles a largo plazo

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